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In this post I will share a number of resources to be aware of. This doesn’t exactly mean that I’m endorsing them unless I do so directly (but, of course, if I strongly objected to them they wouldn’t be included). This list is not exhaustive. Also, none of these are even aware that I’m mentioning them here.

First, you should really know about Not Consumed Ministries. Their Primary Devotionals like “Do Right” work so well for our family.

Listener Kids is popular. So are Seeds Family Worship, Hidden In My Heart, Wee Sing, Wonderkids, The Kids Hymnal, Slugs and Bugs, Cedarmont Kids, etc.

Oriental Trading Company has a ton of fun Christian products like a $20. giant inflatable (Jonah’s) whale, Christian party decorations, a treasure chest of Jesus items, and more.

R. A. Sheets has good quality resources like “Biblical Hebrew for Children” and “Greek for Children.” My kids like the DVDs.

Bible Gateway has excellent links.

The Bible App for Kids, their show “Bible Adventures,” and their Storybook Bible are very helpful.

Child Evangelism Fellowship has so many fun products like the giant song books.

Crossway Publishing has quality books like Devon Provencher’s.

Happy Day Publishing has a wide variety of wonderful, affordable books like “I Can Follow Jesus.”

Zonderkidz, Tommy Nelson, and more help create solid books like “Stories About Jesus.”

The Daily Grace Co. makes good products like the “Amen” book (Kids’ version).

The market has a number of audio Bibles for kids. My favorite so far is by Cottage Door Press but it’s sold out.

There are Bible toys, stickerbooks, and games and art; I hope that more will be developed in the future. (Check out Tales of Glory toys.)

Little Pilgrim’s Theology was recommended to me but I haven’t followed through with that recommendation.

There’s a company called Tiny Theologians but I haven’t purchased anything from them.

Christian Book Distributors is, of course, a helpful retailer.

Benjamin Cello is Catholic but not overtly so. Those shows are top notch in many ways.

Watch a preview; I think that you'll enjoy it!
Watch a preview; I think that you'll enjoy it!

Some churches produce their own in-house videos, curriculum and such.

Gospel Project and Awana are helpful.

Common Sense Media can help with screening.

Cubekins is intriguing; I’ve seen one episode.

There are so many Christian children’s shows, like Buck Denver.

Of course I love Sarah Reju’s “Jesus Saves: The Gospel for Toddlers.” (New Growth Press).

Twin Sisters has nice digital products and the book “J is for Jesus.”

Tales That Tell The Truth is popular. So is “Indescribable.”

I love the various Rhyme Bibles like “The Rhyme Bible for Little Ones”  (Sattgast).

Debby Anderson has good books like “I Love My Bible.”

Well, there you have it- a brief intro to Christian children’s discipleship tools. I hope that you or someone you know finds this helpful as we seek to introduce children to Jesus via giving them gospel gifts.

If you would like to tell me about more resources or otherwise contact me, please write to [email protected]   .

Thanks for reading!

In Jesus,