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Best Christian Children’s Media

Besides pointing you to the best Christian children’s books, Theotots also wants to help you find the top Christian children’s videos, YouTube channels, apps, etc.

Here are some to consider:

For your little one's very first screen time (even before Super Simple Songs- which is a secular resource):

Christian Baby Bounce on YouTube

For Preschoolers:

Bible Adventures (on YouTube), a companion to The Bible App for Kids

Listener Kids (on YouTube)

The Greatest Journey App from Samaritan’s Purse

Bible Readeez

Benjamin Cello (Catholic but not overtly so)

Buck Denver (I’ve just seen a bit.)

I haven’t seen Slugs and Bugs videos yet.

Older options:

Beginner’s Bible cartoons

Cedarmont Kids

Psalty the Song Book

*VeggieTales (Phil Vischer decided to make it more gospel- centered a few years ago, but I haven’t personally seen the newer ones.)

On a somewhat related note, I will comment on The Chosen TV series.

From a missiological point of view, it’s golden- like The Vulgate for our time. From a Biblical point of view, I have some reservations. In terms of children’s ministry, I don’t think that it’s a fit because children are not the target demographic. That is to say that it’s not a contextualized gospel presentation for children. The dramatic elements are engaging for adults but too heavy for children who have different needs, like the need to simply smile and dance for Jesus, free of all the arguing, fear, etc. that is highlighted among the characters in The Chosen.

I’m a big fan, but that doesn’t mean that I let my kids watch it. I learned my lesson after letting my oldest see part of Revelation Media's Pilgrim’s Progress.



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