A Will To Live

A Will To Live Foundation and Book

Have you heard of this non-profit organization?

It was founded by former Boston Red Sox relief pitcher John Trautwein and his wife. Tragically they lost their teenage son, Will, to suicide.

This organization raises awareness about mental health before it's too late. People I know have been affected by this issue, losing teenagers. In one instance it was because of psychological side effects of asthma medicine.

Mr. Trautwein is a public speaker now, encouraging others in regards to this topic. Also, he has written a book. As a mom of three small kids I must admit that I might not read this book soon but if you are parenting or ministering to teenagers please consider checking it out.

And if you have very young ones, please plant seeds of love and truth in them about their identity in Christ as beloved children with purpose and unique giftings.

It's in multiple formats. Here's one:

"My Living Will"


I believe that this was published several years ago but an updated version will come from a publisher soon.

Tell them Jesus loves them and so do you,