About Theotots

Theotots equips believing parents with information about quality gospel resources for tots. In order to serve this purpose, Theotots reviews and creates resources that will aid adults in communicating about Christ Jesus and His sacrifice for our sins.


It all started with a question.

 “Where can I find clear, quality, contemporary books to help our family teach truths about Jesus to our babies?”

I discovered a deep need for an easy way to access the most helpful resources available for little ones. After years of research and personal investment, I’m sharing my most treasured finds with you in hopes that your little ones will hear God’s offer of salvation through the substitutionary, atoning sacrifice of Christ on The Cross. May God be glorified as you invite your kids to respond to the gospel.

Our Team

I, Ruth Hauck (MA, Fuller Theological Seminary), previously served as an instructor in a small seminary called The Calvin Chao Chinese for Christ Theological Seminary, and started serving in children’s ministry at age 14. 

My training in evangelism comes from programs (Evangelism Explosion, Share Jesus Without Fear, The Alpha Course, etc.), people (My grandparents were all church planters, for example.), and experiences in places like Los Angeles, Estonia, Japan, and elsewhere. 

While serving in what missiologists call a ‘Creative Access Nation,’ I met my one-of-a-kind, amazing husband, Andrew (Ph.D. in Crop Science) – who makes meaningful contributions to Theotots albeit in mostly indirect ways. 

Technical support is provided by Five Q, a Christian web hosting company, and books from Theotots are created in collaboration with Indonesian ,(illustrations), Venezuelan (formatting), and Chinese (translation), believers who follow Jesus as The Messiah who redeems us.

Helping you find the BEST CHRISTIAN CHILDREN’S BOOKS and more!