Free Bible Book Today!

This is a recommendation of a helpful Scripture + landscapes resource for your family. Esdras Pierre Etrenne has compiled a volume of approximately 1600 Bible verses with landscape photos. My thought is that one could print these and post them around the house or otherwise find relevant uses for them. The Scripture translation is a copyright free one, New Heart English Bible. Besides calling the Lord “Yah,” it seems pretty standard. Note that there are many verses from every book of the Bible.

Here is a product description on the Amazon page:

The Bible Album is a work of art I made to shine light on the gentle beauty of scripture.

About 1600 verses were hand picked to be a part of this collection, as well as a unique photo of nature, Creation, to be paired with each verse selection.

The work took approximately 2 years to finish stitching together to this point and not even the slightest attention to detail was overlooked in doing so.

The verses use the New Heart English Bible translation, and the rights to use the photos obtained through various third parties.

I pray that this work be a warm light to mothers, fathers, sons and daughters of every nation and tongue.

In Jesus name I pray,

Amen :)

I receive direct and indirect recommendations of resources to review here. Occasionally authors directly send me opportunities to review their materials, as in this case.

Some I accept and others I don’t. If you’ve been reading my blog posts you’ll know that these are questions I have about Christian content:

1. Does it focus on the Gospel/Jesus?

2. Is it an Evangelical Protestant document?

3. Is it clear in its communication?

4. Does it focus on the Bible?

5. Is it related to Christian missions work?

6. Are the literary and artistic qualities appealing- especially for small children?

This particular book, The Bible Album by Esdras Pierre Etrenne, is, obviously, Scripture.

Also, personally, I appreciate how God’s general revelation through creation is paired with His special revelation in Scripture. (See Psalm 19.)

The Bible Album is free today.