Clear Resources

In the West parents often have access to an abundance of Christian resources  The question is “What are the most meaningful, quality resources?” Otherwise one could spend thousands of dollars (I have.).

Jesus is our Lord and Savior and, in our own discipleship, we have tasted the goodness of resources like Study Bibles. Of course we want to provide our kids with valuable tools as well.

My story is a little unique. You see, I gave birth to my firstborn in Southern China. I didn’t have the same kind of access to age-appropriate discipleship materials that I now have. I remember asking Singaporean friends to bring back a baby Bible from Singapore. Similarly, I asked friends in Shanghai, a major city, to send baby Bibles.

When my son was two months old we spent a week near the border of Myanmar. There, in the place where we were staying, there was a bright book of Bible Stories. I remember that it had the “Dollar General” logo on it. How happy and attentive my little baby was as I read it to him! At the end of the week I left it there though (for the next guests).

I love good resources that point to the God who loves and Who I also love, with gratitude.

In seminary I sifted through countless theological tomes. Later, as an instructor in a very small Chinese seminary I once again waded through large masterpieces of biblical studies.

I want clarity for my kids. I appreciate books that get to the point.

Now this blog is getting to the point in a sense.

The Provenchers' short, clear board books are brilliant.

They say that good teachers make complicated things simple and bad teachers make simple things complicated. The Big Theology for Little Hearts books are definitely in the first category. Yesterday I received two of the newer ones, Creation and The Church. They were excellent, just like the earlier books in the series like God. My favorites are The Gospel and Jesus. Soon I will be receiving The Holy Spirit.

One pleasant surprise was the relatively wide variety of subject matter that's covered in discussing the creation and the church. For example, believer's baptism in included.

These are quality choices for your entire family. The sentences are long, but every word has been chosen carefully. You might try reading these to little ones, medium ones, and even big ones. Non-Christians, internationals, and others could also benefit.

I like the amount of truth that's put into these board books.

The artwork is simple and aids in communicating the message. The symbolic nature of some of the pictures will minister to adults too.

I recommend purchasing them in bulk.

The price is very affordable, especially when compared with similar products.

It's worth mentioning that the author attends the same church as Dr. Albert Mohler.

In conclusion, check out the books in the series, particularly The Gospel. You will be glad that you did.

(Some translations say "clearly" in Colossians 4:4, but I'm using The World English Bible because it's free to use.)

"[T]hat I may reveal it [the mystery of Christ] [clearly] as I ought to speak."