Gestation, Delivery, and Baby Products

My good friend is pregnant; praise God! This post is dedicated to their family and hopefully it will be helpful as I share about Christian products and other resources that I have found useful. Theotots does not, generally, endorse non-Christian products and companies. These are personal recommendations based on my experiences.

First, I want to highlight faith-filled music. Listening to beautiful truths is edifying for you and your baby. "Hidden In My Heart" (see above) is a Lullaby option. It's biblical, peaceful, etc. If you like breathy singing this may be your pick for gestation, delivery, and the newborn season.

Listener Kids has also developed Lullabies along with a lot of upbeat music.

Seeds Family Worship has Scripture songs that I listened to when I was pregnant with my firstborn son.

There's also Cedarmont, Wee Sing, Twin Sisters, The Kids Hymnal and cd, Bible Readeez (which I personally love), Getty Kids, Slugs and Bugs, Benjamin Cello (Catholic show) and more.


A U-shaped pillow is very helpful. This is the one I got (because it was on sale.). It’s especially important during the third trimester.

After (Natural) Delivery

If you haven't given birth before this is likely all new information. Frida Baby has several useful products, some of which may be given to you for free at the hospital. Here's a cleansing device. A sitz bath with Epsom salts is highly recommended too.

More helpful tips:

Read the Psalms.

Meditate on special verses--especially on the big day(s).

Eat peppermint to help with nausea (but when lactating later don't have peppermint because it's a suppressant).

Baby Products

Finally I want to conclude with a note about Baby’s Special Bible (English edition). The comforting words sound reassuring and peaceful, like baby Psalms that express trust in God and His care. Relatively, this has quite a bit of content. Because it's a big heavy book you'll need to be careful when it's near the baby. Also, I skip some parts like the storm at sea (I read the beginning and ending of the story though.), the part where a discilpe tries to keep the children from coming to Jesus, some parts of the Lost Lamb story, and some less interesting details of the Abraham story. My toddler sings the song on the last page which is sung to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." There are a couple of other songs too and you can tell that the Dutch author has a language gift because her writing style sounds so simply poetic somehow.

I could include more Christian resources but they're out of stock/discontinued/etc. so this brief list will need to suffice.

Feel free to write to [email protected] if you have any questions.

Blessings to you and yours!