Scripture Memorization

Scripture Memorization

Psalm 119:11 declares:

“I have hidden your word in my heart,

that I might not sin against you.”


We must be intentional. Certain tools can aid our efforts, including music, art and books.

Scripture Songs have been enormously helpful in my own practice of memorizing Bible verses.

Here are some useful options:

Bible Readeez

Seeds Family Worship

Hidden In My Heart (lullabies)

Slugs and Bugs

See Bible Gateway's Scripture song resources:

Art can convey Bible verses and Bible stories. Historically the illiterate learned through pictures- like the stained glass windows in churches (I’m not commenting on the iconoclast controversy.).

This is my top pick based on what we have in our home:


The Way, the Truth, and The Life

John 14:6


You can of course make your own Bible verse art too. I use a printer and laminator. You can put them up using “poster tape" on your walls. Here’s a special art product that I highly recommend; it’s what made the difference in getting my oldest to color/draw.



In terms of helpful books, this is my favorite:

The ABC Bible Verse Book


Some people use cards, like index cards. A number of companies have created such tools too, like Not Consumed:

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Personally, I don’t use cards because that takes up more room in my brain somehow. In college I had a friend who took Greek, Hebrew and Latin at the same time. She told me about some of her memorization techniques.

First, she color coded vocabulary words and then remembered “That’s a blue word.” This helped (somehow).

She also moved around while memorizing and then remembered, “I learned that by the chapel, that by the tree…”

Finally, her room was plastered in index cards. Even her ceiling was educational.

Some people use mental word pictures, like imagining a sneezing nose to remember the word “cease,” which sounds a little similar.

I memorized Galatians 5 in college. This is how I did it.

Every night I learned one new verse and recited the previous verses. In a month I had it.

A few years later, I memorized all of Galatians, a relatively short book that focuses on the gospel that sets us free from the law of sin and death.

Having Scripture Memory accountability partners helped tremendously.

Repetition is really key. It can become a lifestyle of reciting internally throughout the day. Orthodox Jews in Israel are characterized as often walking around mumbling Scripture to themselves. It’s a means of refocusing the inner thought life.

Also, I suggest memorizing verses in other languages. That way, if you meet someone who speaks that language, you can communicate truth, like John 3:16, to them in their heart language. It’s a good way to connect too.

We love, obey, quote, meditate on, decorate with, etc. God’s precious Word. Let’s commit to memorizing it and helping our children to memorize it as well.

What a beautiful thing it is to teach our children to plant truth in their hearts!

Blessings in Jesus,