Best Big Kid Christian Books (Ages 5 to 9)

Theotots is focused on highlighting and creating resources for toddlers, but toddlers grow into big kids and so here's a blog post to help direct you toward good choices for post- toddlers.

What's included here:

A book about prayer

An impressive Bible

A rhyming Scripture book that is focused on Jesus (5 stars!)

An illustrated catechism book for kids

A set of Bible comic books (more age-appropriate than similar resources)

A Gospel Bible book

This list is not comprehensive but showcases some good finds.

I highly recommend that you consider these for kids you know.

You'll notice that there aren't any chapter books on the list. I really hope that someone will write some high quality, truth packed, engaging Christian chapter books.

Yes, I know that there are some on the market like The Chronicles of Narnia...

Maybe sometime I should try to write some... if you're reading this and you have any interest in such a project, maybe God is calling YOU to it. :)

OK, here are some to consider:

What Happens When I Talk to God? The Power of Prayer for Boys and Girls by Stormie Omartian is a fun, colorful, highly illustrated book with an attractive font. Of the books listed here, this is the one that would be best for younger children and/or for your child to read independently. I imagine a parent reading this to a child just before bedtime. It's a solid, warm, sweet book.

How lovely! The impressive artwork in this will likely hold your child’s attention and the images are sure to make an impression as you read this resource together. It has more than 275 Bible stories, making it a good value. The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible is a substantial volume that will make a good addition to your home and church library.

What a find! I regularly purchase Christian children’s resources and when I find a superior product I always share it with my husband. This is one such resource. It focuses on Jesus. It's biblically accurate. It rhymes. It's illustrated. The Life of Jesus is a winner!

*The price is currently reduced so I personally just bought 10 copies.

"Catechism" isn't normally part of my Baptist vocabulary, but, in terms of doctrinal instruction, the Children’s Gospel Catechism is a treasure of clarity and simplicity. I've considered other similar resources and this is my favorite for kids.

There are other comic book Bibles, but one reason that I like this one for young children is that the pictures are relatively mild. You might start with #7 to see if your children like the Power Bible.

This very affordable resource reminds me of Sunday School curriculum. It has quite a bit of text. Grab a copy of The Gospel Story.

I suggest getting multiple resources and then seeing which ones your children like. Even if you get a book that doesn't appeal to your child, it may be useful for your other children when they reach the same age. Or you can bless neighbor children, your church, etc. with the helpful resource.

I tend to purchase used books (You can do this through Amazon, Facebook sellers, and other online retailers.)

Let's give gospel gifts to kids.

Hope this is helpful!

In Jesus,