Christian Chapter Books, Talking Jesus Doll, And More

So many wonderful resources abound! After combing the web for good finds for quite some time, I’m going to share with you some of my very best recent finds.

Christian Early Chapter Books: "He Reigns"

First I want to tell you about Christian early chapter books- because, of course, there aren’t any really solidly Christian ones- or are there? Yes, at last, someone has poured a tremendous amount of work into creating a series that is actually firmly Christian (including applying Bible verses to specific situations) and so good and interesting that your child may finish an entire book in one day (like my 7-year-old).

“He Reigns” by Laurie Salisbury currently has 6 books and I heard that a 7th in the 8 book series is in the works.

I wondered if it would hold the attention of my son or if it would be a “girl” book series. It follows the lives of two families and each has one boy and one girl of a similar or same age.

I wondered if it would be boring- especially since I’m not a “horse” person. Actually, the writing is so riveting that I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next at several junctures. I excitedly jumped into the next chapter to see how some storylines would resolve.

Honestly, for a long time I didn't read these because I judged the books by their covers...

These books contain clear gospel presentations- especially the first few books.

The writing is wonderful and the messages of faith, obedience, work, and having a good attitude are so helpful. Get the first one at least and see what you think. Here are links to the first six books:

Reigns of Love

Forever Settled In My Heart

Hope County Fair

Rescued Hearts: Emma's Story

The Harness of The Lord: Jack's Story

The Horseman's Heart: Ben's Story

Talking Jesus Doll

Next, I want to tell you about the Talking Jesus Doll. I love having this for my youngest! It says several Bible verses including the Lord’s prayer, John 3:16 and more. And it says, “I love you.” I love it!

*It's also available in Spanish.


My current favorite books include "Cornerstones: 200 Questions And Answers To Learn Truth" (I wish I had known about this book sooner- it’s so clear and comprehensive!) and a fun, instructive rhyming book that I actually found at my local library: "Read It, See It, Say It, Sing It." This is an excellent resource about the Bible by Hunter Beless.

Screen Time

Also, I want to tell you that my family is using The Superbook App, Yippee TV, and Truplay Games.

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My TruPlay Review

Well, there’s my most recent update on helpful resources. Stay posted for news about new Theotots products- including free resources. Also, check out GreekTots and Evangel Lamb if you haven’t already.

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