New Product Coming!

Full of quality content!
Full of quality content!

As you may know, I launched Theotots originally as a website to review quality Christian products that are engagingly age-appropriate and focus on Jesus, risen Lord and Savior, and the gospel of forgiveness of sin through His atonement on The Cross. Also, I wrote books like “The Movie And The Missionary Mouse” and “You Heard My Prayer.” The idea was to help point parents to clear, substantial books, music, etc.

This focus was borne out of some of my own experiences.

For example, throughout my time in high school I led a Pioneer Club class by myself and had various other children’s ministry opportunities.

The path of obedience led me to teach at a tiny seminary for a couple of years and to serving in East Asia for more than 4 years- holding out light in some very difficult circumstances.

Part of that journey involved working at an English camp that made frequent use of various chants and other memorable practices to promote its goals.

What if we used such methods with our children to share eternally valuable truth?

What if we contextualize Bible Stories about Jesus for toddlers?

God has brought the opportunity to me. My husband says that it’s because of my willingness to walk in it.

When I was caring for my dad last winter, the worship leaders (and producer and music therapist and composers and performers) John and Diana Moore from his fellowship graciously reached out to our family. They too have a heart for telling others about the invitation to new life that God offers through His Son. We believe that He calls us to turn from our sin and follow Him in trust and obedience.

And so, in the midst of great grief, the Lord led me to this God-sized project- creating super meaningful audio content that is specifically designed for children aged 1 to 5 and can be accessed on a darling little hand-held lamb.

Along the way, God has provided Jacque Jones (Scripture Song composer for The National Bible Bee), and many other esteemed team members: Andrew and Jeanette Feng of Indigitous, Camelia Vera (President of our advisory board), Pastor Travis Billings and his wife Carissa Billings, Julia Woodhams of the Telos Fellowship community, and parent advisory board members: The Scogginses, The Paines, and the Soundys. Additionally, help has been provided by Nick Wu, Kerry Newbauer, Justin Garcia, Teresa Ghormley, Jaime Schmidt, Barbara Loos, Tiffany Obeng and more.

Theotots is officially an LLC now (May God be praised!!!!!!!) and, Lordwilling, we hope to launch a non profit branch as well.


Theotots hopes to serve the body of Christ by finding, and creating, the best- for God’s glory and for His children. May we instruct them in the way they should go when we walk with them and when we sit with them, that they may hear the voice of The One who says “Let the children come to me.”  and invites us all to have child-like trust.

So, you will be seeing a lot about the lamb in preparation for the crowdfunding launch next month (I pray.).

May you be blessed deeply by the audio content that’s being carefully prepared for your little ones.

In Jesus,