Bibbelbubs Bible Bath Bombs

“Your kid will be begging you for baths and Bible stories.”

Recently a unique product launched an Easter sale. The discount is substantial: $19.99 (vs $39.99) and free shipping.

And so, just in time for someone’s birthday, I purchased “Bubbee's Bible and Bath Bombs.” I told my husband, “You know, for Theotots research.” 

I didn’t get the bear, Bubbee, which costs extra.

First, let me quickly describe the gist of the product.

Bubbee is a bear who reads Bible Stories and adds commentary to them. From a pedagogical point of view it’s brilliantly effective to tie each story (from the beginning through Abraham and Isaac so far) to a main idea that is focused on one animal.

Here's an example. When we’re angry, we should be slow like a turtle. (We shouldn’t be like Cain.)

And get this, one of the bath bombs dissolves to reveal a plastic ball with a tiny plastic turtle inside!

I will focus on Bubbee’s Bible first though.

The book itself is nicely child-sized with quality thick glossy paper and a bold, readable font. Despite having quite a bit of good text, it resembles a picture book in format. Children  will enjoy the pictures while hearing you read aloud and the style is warmly engaging with applications and, as mentioned, animals to illustrate main points.

As someone who has a Masters in Theology and regularly critiques books based on evangelical concerns such as, “Does it focus on Jesus? Is the gospel clearly explained?” etc. I must say that this book is not an example of a gold standard for solid doctrine. There’s a part near the end that has the potential to be a perfect spot for the gospel that Jesus paid for our sins and rose again, inviting us to respond to Him as Lord and Savior, but the book chooses, instead, to talk about loving God and such.

Now about the really fun bath bombs. You might pay a similar price for regular bath bombs but these are so unique.

First, I was impressed with their size- though of course part of why they are so large is that they contain the plastic spheres with the little animal toys inside.

You receive 9 distinct scents. As they dissolve in the tub with fizzing, the water changes color (This was my first experience with bath bombs so to me the process was kind of amazing.).

Then, much to the delight of your child, the toy is revealed. You will likely need to open the sphere for a very young child.

The bath bombs were well packaged, individually wrapped in plastic and placed in a box that identifies them by number, story, and scent.

My understanding about the bear, Bubbee, is that the back zips open allowing you to place the tiny plastic toys inside his back.

One especially surprising perk of this product is that, due to packaging, the Bible smells wonderfully scented. What a glorious way to incorporate olfactory senses with the goodness of God’s Word. I really loved this part and hope that somehow more products will follow suit.

The company says that they are working their way through the Bible and implied that Jesus will appear in future products.

The concept is marvelously creative.

So, in summary:


Olfactory delight and a fun bath time experience (9 experiences) to tie in to Bible Stories

Sweet smelling Bible

Quality pages and pictures

Clear, simple applications from Bible Stories with easy-to-remember animal examples told in a personal way by a bear


Not a source of quality, sound doctrine on the same level as resources like Devon Provencher books,Jesus Saves: The Gospel for Toddlers,” by Sarah Reju, and so forth

The cover of the Bible is not very strong

My children want the bear now; keep that in mind

Also, this is a small point, but soon after placing my order I received a confirmation email. Next, I received an “order update” email that listed 2 purchases. So, I received 2 copies of the Bible and Bath Bombs. I knew it was coming though and welcomed the encouragement to receive 2.

This product is a fun gift for kids and I recommend getting it with the “EASTER” code discount.


Update: Set Two is ready now!!!

In Jesus,