Top Gospel Books for Kids

Top Gospel Books for Kids By Age

Call it children's ministry, evangelizing kids, discipling your little ones, introducing infants to Jesus, teaching doctrines to toddlers, or whatever you like, passing faith to the next generation is essential. May these resources serve to direct children to the salvation we have in Jesus. Select book reviews are included below.

Top Budget Picks:

For babies: J is for Jesus

For little ones: I Can Follow Jesus

For big kids: The Gospel Story

My Overall Favorites

I Can Follow Jesus

A good and very affordable book.

Jesus Saves: The Gospel for Toddlers

This book is clear, lyrical and bright.

J is for Jesus

This book is to the point and rhymes. It's perfect for babies and toddlers.

The Gospel

Simple yet substantial, it also features good concept visuals.

Jesus Loves You, Baby!

A rhyming and sentimental book.

We like Daniel Tiger because of its pleasantness and attractive art. We enjoy the lyrical sounds of works by April Pully Sayre and Dr. Seuss, and of course Moncure is educational and Priddy Baby books are age-appropriate. We love, love, love the Bible -but what if we could wrap all of these together into one book? A book that clearly laid out the plan of salvation, a book that shows us The Gospel for Toddlers, a book that's lyrical, bright, age-appropriate and very clear-that addresses salvation, lordship, the resurrection of Jesus, and more- what would the result be? Well, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to discover Sarah Reju's Jesus Saves: The Gospel for Toddlers.

Incomparably helpful! Focused and fun, this book has a clear gospel presentation and invitation. It’s rhythmic cadence, simple words and age-appropriate pictures are ideal for little ones.

The back is for parents and has these useful sections: “What is the gospel?, What You Can Do, What Only God Can Do, and Helpful Bible Verses.” Bible verse references appear throughout the book as well.

Ideas in this board book:

God made you, loves you, and sees you. God is your king but you want to be king and you sin. You need to be saved. God sent Jesus who obeyed and died to save you. Jesus is alive and invites you to say yes to him and no to sin. He gives life.

Pages with text: 17

Sentences per page: 5

Words per sentence: 3

Writing style:

The writing is child-like, question and answer, sing-songy, and rhyming with a lot of ? and ! punctuation.

J is for Jesus by Twin Sisters

This clear, rhyming presentation of the gospel is memorable and perfect for newborns because of the black and white high contrast pictures. I recommend memorizing this simple board book and reciting it excitedly to your infant often.

Ideas in this book include: Jesus is God’s only son, the chosen one. He’s a gift if we only believe. We can pray and get His grace. There is only one way. We can live with Him in eternity. Jesus died for  our sins and was resurrected. We’re invited to praise Him.

A code on the back leads to 10 free Christian kids' songs.

Pages with text: 8

Sentences per page: 1

Words per sentence: 9

Ideas in this book:

God made everything. He made people unique and we exercise dominion. The Bible tells us about God’s power. He’s “in charge.” He’s also eternal and we can live with Him forever. God Is holy. I am sinful and sin even when I don’t want to. I commit sins of commission and omission. God loves and wants me to love Him most (no idols) and people. God is a good judge and disobedience to His rules brings punishment. It also includes information about the life, ministry and substitutionary death of Jesus, the Bible, grace, faith, repentance, lordship, and new life in Christ. This is really a comprehensive resource and yet, as my 5-year-old noted, “It’s (relatively) short.”

Pages with text: 14

Sentences per page: 5

Words per sentence: 12

Writing Style:

This book is in first person singular. “I can follow Jesus forever!”

Each sentence is weighty and the pictures communicate clearly. Biblical, clear and concise, this is a high quality resource for little ones.

Pages with text: 10

The number of sentences per page: 1 (plus title)

Words per sentence: 14

Writing Style:


This small sized book reads like a little sermon with a nice font and interesting pictures.

Pages with text is: 25

Sentences per page: 2

Words per sentence: 14

Jesus Loves You, Baby! by Ruth Hauck

Ideas in this book include God’s sovereignty, obedience, prayer, Christ's sacrifice for our sins, new life in Christ, God’s love, truth in God’s Word, Jonah, The Lost Sheep, discipling your children, and creating a personal parenting vision statement.

This book is mostly comprised of the poem called “God’s Gracious Gift”. The large font and pictures make it ideal for reading aloud and showing to a room full of kids. The sentimentality could also serve as a lactation aid for new mothers. It moved my mother-in-law to tears.

The number of pages with text: 22

Sentences per page: 1

Words per sentence: 8

I Believe in Jesus (board book edition) by John MacArthur

Ideas in this book include the Trinity, God as our perfect and eternal Creator, original sin, personal sin, God’s love and forgiveness, the incarnation, deity of Christ, substitutionary atonement, the resurrection, God’s grace, repentance, mercy, belief, and God’s help to overcome sin. I like how the book is more substantial than many other resources.

Pages with text: 13

Sentences per page: 2

Words per sentence: 10

Writing Style:

The writing varies with short sentences like, “God loves you.” and long sentences like, “Because God loves us and wants to forgive us for the bad things we do, God The Father sent his Son, Jesus, to earth as a baby.”

Zoe’s Gospel Hope by Amelia Smith (This review is based on the ebook version)

Ideas in this book include:

God is eternal and knowable. He has given us His Word and Jesus, the hope of glory. We were created to be His children but we sin. This covers the incarnation, penal-substitutionary atonement, and the resurrection. This was done for people who believe in God’s Son. God gives us faith and his Word can be trusted.

This is a fun, bright presentation of the gospel in a sweet context. I like that the grandmother holds a Bible and there’s a picture of an empty tomb.

Pages with text: 10

Sentences per page: 3

Words per sentence: 10

Writing Style:

The rhyming dialogue is between a Grandmother (“Granfoo") and granddaughter.