"You Heard My Prayer," a book

What do a flood in Indonesia, an old friend from a distant land, a believer named “Jesus" in South America, and a busy mom have in common? “You Heard My Prayer.”

I will try to summarize the main points here.

You see, I wanted to update a book called, “God’s Very Gracious Gift" to become “Jesus Loves You, Baby!” which has more content, including a longer version of the poem, information about crafting your own personal parenting vision statement, and more.

So, I wanted more pictures, especially for the longer version of the poem.

Also, I commissioned some pictures for an ongoing project called “The Growing Seed Series,” which is about a Chinese guy whose faith grows.

My Indonesian illustrator seemed to misunderstand the instructions and made baby sorts of pictures (God’s Very Gracious Gift) with a Chinese (Growing Seed Series) family.

One of the reasons why I didn’t ask him to redo the work was that, at that time, his city was submerged in water. He even sent photos. I did also check the news on the internet and read about it.

The result was that I got pictures of a Chinese baby and family.

Soon afterward, an old friend (I plan to write about the unusual circumstances of our meeting and kingdom project in a memoir someday.) wrote that he wanted to translate Christian material into Mandarin. The implicit question was “Could I create such content?”

I did create such content, keeping the pictures I had in mind.

Finally, a book formatter and cover-maker in Venezuela put it all together in You Heard My Prayer.

If you search the internet for Christian resources in Mandarin you will see the paucity.

Will you please join me in praying that God will use this small book to minister to all those He chooses?

A Theotots’ original, “You Heard My Prayer” is a short but powerful book in English and Mandarin.

The story begins with a pregnant mom praying Scripture over the life of her child. Without giving too much of the story away, let me just say that one highlight is when Dad leads the son to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.

I really believe that this is a resource that came about through God’s leading on multiple continents to create “You Heard My Prayer,” so please allow me to list 10 quick reasons why I would like you to get copies, especially for your Asian friends, mommy friends, or really anyone who might be remotely interested in reading a short, illustrated book that includes the gospel and is on the sentimental side:

1.       It includes important truths and portrays the child rightly responding to those truths with faith.

2.       You Heard My Prayer includes a mom praying Scripture over her child, which is instructive.

3.       It touches on the topic of God’s calling to full-time service, which is especially important for Asian parents to think through inasmuch as it’s quite counter-cultural.

4.       You Heard My Prayer is clear and simple, making it accessible for friends who are unfamiliar with the faith.

5.       It’s in English and Mandarin, making it a good tool for language learning if you’re involved in teaching English or Mandarin.

6.       It’s heavily illustrated, making it an easy, fun read.

7.       Currently You Heard My Prayer is available at a relatively low price.

8.       It’s a cute, sweet story to read aloud to small children.

9.       This could even be read to a group of children and/or parents since the font is fairly legible and the pictures are nice and bright.

10.   You Heard My Prayer is kind of what theotots.com is all about.

May God’s kingdom come and His will be done!

In Jesus,


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