Evangel Lamb, Scripture Lullabies Bear And Similar Products

Three Quick Points:

These products are not in competition with each other; each has unique contributions.

Secondly, the prices of each product are relatively similar. Finally, the content of Evangel Lamb and My Little Lamb are not the same.

So, let’s spend time discussing some of the best stuffed animal audio players.

Evangel Lamb

Duration: An hour and 25 minutes

Content: Jesus songs, Gospel presentations, Scripture Songs, Bible Stories, Christian kid audio books, Hebrew Alphabet Song, Greek Alphabet Song, Spanish content, Scripture Lullabies, Jesus Poems and chants and more!

Animal: Lamb

I love Evangel Lamb! Of course- it’s my project and the Lord brought together an amazingly talented team for it.

My Little Lamb

Duration: Many hours I think

Content: Whole books of the Bible and a few hymns

Animal: Lamb

I loved the season when my oldest fell asleep listening to the book of John on this every night. 

Scripture Lullabies’ Musical Teddy Bear (from the Hidden in My Heart folks)

Content: Eight Scripture Lullabies and 4 white noise settings

Duration: These quality songs are a good length; These aren’t the short jingles you’ll hear on products like the Take Along Bible Storyteller.

Animal: Gray Teddy Bear

I loved how soothing this was during my third trimester of pregnancy and my baby also enjoys it.

Scripture Lullabies Bear
Scripture Lullabies Bear

Huggy Hymns

Content: Instrumental hymns

Duration: 20 minutes I think

Animals: Lion, Lamb, Elephant

This is a product that I see in my ads on occasion and I’m planning to find out more next year.

 I hope that this brief intro to quality Christian children’s audio products is helpful for you! Investing in screen-free faith resources for our kids is wise. I believe in it so much that I devoted time, energy, and other such to Evangel Lamb. Enjoy!


In Jesus,