Best Missions Books for Kids

The Best Introductory Missions Book for
Young Children:
The Mission by Joey Allen

The Best International Missions Book for Young Children:
Hudson on a Mission

Review of Jim Jobe's
Hudson on a Mission

Here is a quote from the book:

“We finally got to the part of God’s story where we taught them about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and rising again three days later!”

What’s commendable is:
A lot of information is provided in a first person, engaging way.

The number of pages with text is: 25. Also, there’s a helpful Discussion Page at the end.

“God Said, ‘Go!’” The True Story of a Chinese Missionary to Muslims

is a picture book biography that includes follow up action steps for children to move forward in their own faith and obedience.


In this inspiring book the author highlights the faithful life of a non-western believing family and the stages their son goes through to follow the call of God to the nations with his own wife and family. For all of us who take seriously the Lord’s command “to make disciples of all nations,” this book is both a testimony and a challenge.


I have met Derek personally and am inspired by the faithful vision he and his wife pursue. I know they will follow Jesus wherever He leads.


What is God preparing us to do? Will we obey, will we follow, and will we pray for the glory of God among the nations?


May this tale of an ordinary life lived obediently in Christ speak powerfully to you as it has to me.


Chris Jones

Global Outreach Director

New Hope Church,

Minneapolis,  Minnesota

此书描绘了神在一家四代人身上所做的工。主人公Derek 从小心里就种下了福音的种子,祖母和母亲的言行举止更是鼓励帮助了Derek的灵命快速成长。义人的祷告是大有功效的。Derek效仿他祖母和母亲,养成了每日祷告的习惯,最后他清晰的明白神的呼召,顺服神并携带妻儿奔波各地,寻找迷羊,为主忠心竭力传道。就连他很小的儿子也如此。他们一家人的故事深深的触动激励了我。相信你也会深受感动的。


最后,希望我们也像这家人一样虔诚恒切祷告,有一颗愿意服侍神的心,愿顺服神,去到他呼召我们的地方, 完成他交托给我们的使命。愿此书给你启发和鼓励。


Jen and D. Powell, Church Planter Catalysts with NAMB