Review: I Believe in Jesus by John MacArthur

Ideas in this book include:

This includes the Trinity, God as our perfect and eternal Creator, original sin, personal sin, God’s love and forgiveness, the incarnation, deity of Christ, substitutions atonement, the resurrection, God’s grace, repentance, mercy, belief, and God’s help to overcome sin.

What’s commendable is:

This is more substantial than many other resources.

What could be better is:

The writing style could be more age-appropriate.

The number of pages with text is: 13

The number of sentences per page is about: 2

The number of words per sentence is about: 10

The writing style is: The writing varies with short sentences like, “God loves you.” and long sentences like, “Because God loves us and wants to forgive us for the bad things we do, God The Father sent his Son, Jesus, to earth as a baby.”