Review: I Can Follow Jesus from Tyndale

Ideas in this book include:

God made everything. He made people unique and we exercise dominion. The Bible tells us about God’s power. He’s “in charge.” He’s also eternal and we can live with Him forever. God Is holy. I am sinful and sin even when I don’t want to. I commit sins of commission and omission. God loves and wants me to love Him most (no idols) and people. God is a good judge and disobedience to His rules brings punishment. It also includes information about the life, ministry and substitutionary death of Jesus, the Bible, grace, faith, repentance, lordship, and new life in Christ.

What’s commendable is:

This is really a comprehensive resource and yet, as my 5-year-old noted, “It’s (relatively) short.”

What could be better is:

The only idea that I have for improvement might be making it rhyme.

The number of pages with text is: 14

The number of sentences per page is about: 5

The number of words per sentence is about: 12

The writing style is: This is told in first person singular, “I can follow Jesus forever!”