Review: I Can Pray! by Jennifer Holder

Ideas in this book include:

This includes adoration, confession, giving thanks, petitions, hearing from God in the Bible, the Bible as God’s Word, different forms of prayer (kneeling, writing, and drawing), and “Even though I can’t see God’s face, I know He is listening.”

What’s commendable is:

This is a short introduction to many topics related to prayer. It seems ideal for 3-5 year olds.

What could be better is:

This could be slightly improved with a more interesting font.

The number of pages with text is: 9/10

The number of sentences per page is about: 3

The number of words per sentence is about: 7

The writing style is: It is child-like and first person, “After I ran through Mrs. Nelson’s flower beds, I prayed to God. I told him I had done something wrong.”