Review: J is for Jesus by Twin Sisters

Ideas in this book include:

Jesus is God’s only son, the chosen one. He’s a gift if we only believe. We can pray and get His grace. There is only one way. We can live with Him in eternity.Jesus died for  our sins and was resurrected. We’re invited to praise Him.

What’s commendable is:

The rhyming, substantive message is accompanied by high contrast (good for babies) black and white cheery pictures with bits of color.  A code on the back leads to 10 free Christian kids' songs.

What could be better is:

The words, “and obey,” may need a little more explanation in light of the “sola fide" motto of The Reformation.

The number of pages with text is: 8

The number of sentences per page is about: 1

The number of words per sentence is about: 9

The writing style is: It is rhyming and clear.